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Proof That Barkbox Chewer Is The Best Toy For Dog

People are searching for super toys for their dogs like BarkBox Chewer. Normal dog chewing toys are not suitable for aggressive dogs therefore you need something that could not be destroyed in small frame of time by your pet. So here is the solution for that, which is Barkbox Super Chewer. It is designed by a very famous toys subscription company. The toy comes with complete instruction. Each label in the box defines the product and its purpose. It is designed by the company after extensive research that is why you can give a try to this super challenging toy and you will know that it is not easily breakable.

The chewer is designed according to size of dogs therefore during subscription process you are asked to fill certain criteria that best defines your dog.

Barkbox Chewer


What is the BarkBox Chewer?

As mentioned earlier that the service is also available on monthly subscription. The Box contains many items. Toys are tough and long lasting; especially the BarkBox Chewer the material that is used in the toy is not harmful for the dog. It is made from thick rubber but it doesn’t have the normal disgusting properties of rubber like bad plastic, smell and harmful chemicals. The subscription box also contains 2 bags of treats, grooming products and other toys that are provided according to the instructions given at the time of subscription. The treats are soft and easily chewable and these are rich in proteins. Chews are made from potatoes, oats and barley so that your dog can eat them easily and enjoy. The subscription costs are decided on monthly basis. Information card for each product is also provided so that you can have better idea about products and their use. The 4-6 products in box are designed according to your selected theme and size of your dog.

Why The Dog Needs More Toys?

You should rotate toys at weekly intervals because there are some toys that your dog will find more interesting or would like to play with. Rotation of toys will keep your dog entertained for longer period of time. There could be three types of toys that are available in market like there are different toys for shaking activity, for rolling and for comfort. There are certain toys beside BarkBox Chewer that cannot be provided to the dog during a rainy day. Interactive activities are also encouraged like rolling of ball and flying disks. High energy dogs therefore need tougher and different kinds of playful things for fun time.

What Is Inside BarkBox Chewer Subcription Box?

Tough chews: The monthly subscription box contains tough chews that are long lasting and durable also these chews have no grains. The chews are made from natural ingredients that are approved from ASPCA. The combination of ingredients is mixed in a way that your dog will love.

Natural Treat: The treats available in the Bark box Subscription box are soft and these vary according to the size of your dog. These grain free treats are tested so that your dog won’t face the problems of food allergies or other sensitive issues. These treats are free from nitrates, soy, corn and wheat.

Challenging Toys: The box has great chewable toys that will make your puppy world chewing champion. These toys are strong and even tested with wolves. Toys are theme based and made in USA.

 What Makes BarkBox Chewer Special ?

One thing that makes Barkbox Chewer different is that it comes in a monthly subscription box that not only contains the chewing toy but also has fun and challenging tough chews with other toys and delicious treats. You will not find these items anywhere else that Barkbox is providing plus the quality is great. The super chewing toy is designed by the dog lovers who were looking for something special for their buddies. The chew toys are insanely strong in every sense of word with surprising and playful qualities. Your dog will have a toy that can last with all his playful activities.


Barkbox Chewer is suitable for your pup through wringer.

The Durability of Product is outstanding because the toy is tested even with wolves.

If your dog somehow managed to break the toys you will be provided full warranty for replacement.

The toy also comes with additional subscription that suits your need.

The provided treats are made from natural ingredients.

Drawbacks for BarkBox Chewer:

You might need to provide some supervision and don’t leave them alone to play.

You need an internet connection because the subscription is only available online.


Where to Buy BarkBox Chewer ?

The product can easily be bought from the BarkBox Website. A special offer has been introduced where you just have to Pay 5 $ for first month subscription. There are several other products that can be bought separately for your convenience.


The barkbox Chewer is highly recommend because of its unique properties and suitability for heavy chewers. The long lasting experience provided by the manufactures is one of a kind and you won’t find any chewable toy with these properties. The Subscription not only provides strong toys but also other vitamin treats that will keep your dog healthy and entertained. The company is in process of continuous research for updating their services and products to achieve better results. So our recommendation is that you should subscribe to this amazing service.


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