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Dog names | Male and female names with Meanings

Dog names say much about the dogs, and they also show the relationships. People can react positively or negatively/fearful when meeting a dog,therefore you need to use the right names for dogs. The categories for dog names are mentioned below:



Some useful tips for choosing dog names :

• The dog names should be simple. Choose a name that your pet can recognize easily. Usually dogs response better for names containing one or two syllables.
• Pick the one that you like to call out. If you are in the park then calling “Zoe” or “Jack” might be less embarrassing than “ Death Breath”.
• Don’t choose dog names that sound like commands ( Stay, Sit, No, Fetch and Down ). The “Joe” word is too similar to “No”. It might be difficult for dogs to know the difference.
• If you want to choose a long name then you can make a shorter version, but this might destroy the effect, you were trying to build.
• Dog names inspirations can come from their breeds, for example Orientals (Burmese and Siamese) , German (Shepherds, Schnauzers, and Dachshunds), Scottish (Terriers), French (Poodle), or Irish ( Setters and Wolfhounds).
• You should wait a few days before deciding anything. The characteristics of dog and a little bit of research will guide you in the process. Choose a dog name that don’t obsolete with time like puppy is not suitable for dog.
• Naming dog can be a difficult process. Proper thoughts should be given for blending of names, dog name initials and peer group acceptance.

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