Transformation Story of a Bull Dog

Story of RoseBud

In the year 2011, people did not have good opinions about the sheltered dogs. 75% of people hold bad perceptions. They thought that animals from the shelters cannot behave as normal as they could buy from that of shop. They thought of sheltered dogs as broken souls who cannot be …

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Dog life Was Saved Even After Being Stuck in Tar


Five months old dog accidentally fell in hot tar at some construction area in India. The dog was saved after massaging the body for 4 hours with vegetable oil. The dog is healthy now and named “Tar Baby”. Animal welfare group received a call and rushed to site in Udaipur, …

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Top 10 Dog Stories

panda dog

Here are some of the top stories that attracted the attentions of dog lovers all over the world. The stories are arranged in ascending order  and viewed content   A rescued cow started to believe itself to be a Dog A rescued cow from the animal hoarder is now a …

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German Shepherd Has Done Some Cool Tricks

German-Shepherd tricks

We all love to train our dogs some cool tricks, but it is not an easy process. We don’t always get what we want in this world. To train a dog you need some professional trainer. The dog trainers do not come cheap so it might be impossible for some …

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Several Recipes For The Dogs

tasty dog treats

It is a fact that dog treats could be very expensive and ingredients in those treats are not always best for the dog. This goes for human commercial foods too, the food also has preservatives in it. So you might not want commercial dog treats. Making homemade dog food is …

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Do You Know Why Your Dog is Not Sleeping

dog sleeping

There are some signs to notice if your dog is suffering from the insomnia, Like humans the dogs won’t have dark circles around the eyes and also you would not hear the turning and tossing over the night. However, you might hear pacing, whining or barking during the night and …

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A Stray Dog was Saved by Google Street View Map


This is a story of a dog who was rescued because her pictures appeared on the Google Street View. A stray dog was noticed by Patrick Pittenger near his workplace at Long Beach, California. He brings her water and food occasionally. But Patrick and his girlfriend noticed the pup in …

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A dog That Likes to Shower


Everyone loves to shower after long tiring day, But the Rottweiler appeared to be enjoying it more than that of humans. You will see Oz Rottweiler named Lena enjoying the warm water glory, she jumped into the shower just after the owner got out while the stream of shower was …

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