Dog Take Care of Abandoned Kittens

dog and kittens

Shannon Torrez’s dog is name Asia. She gave birth to one puppy. But the new mother dog soon adopted three others, surprisingly those were not puppies. The house owner said one day she found these three kittens on her porch. Someone dropped them there. While picking up the kittens owner …

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This Dog is Not Going To Leave His Piggies


Shehade the Airedale Terrier was watching the guinea pigs for hours in the store and she wanted one for herself. In the year 2010 Shedade was diagnosed with cancer, considering her condition the owner made a decision to get guinea pigs for her, so she was given a pair of …

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Dog Thinks Yoga is Dangerous


The dogs have adapted to humans and their change of lifestyles. Here is a story of a dog who wants to stop the human from what she thinks is dangerous. Dog wants to protect that owner and I am sure that she must have its own reasons for doing that. …

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Dogs Rescue of The Year


It was a miracle; Beyonce (the puppy) was stillborn but had a lust for life. Beyonce showed that she could be the smallest ‘Rescue Dog’ of the world. The dog was so small that she can fit on the spoon. She survived miraculously and became one of the smallest rescue …

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Dog Give Life To a Dying Man


There was a complete turnaround in the life of 73 years old man after the reunion with his dog in U.S. The man stopped eating. James Wathen the old man whispered in the ear of nurse that he misses his dog. The dog is one eye Chihuahua named Bubba. The …

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Small Dogs are Cute and Adorable | Think Again

small dogs

If you are thinking of getting small dogs because they are cute, quiet and cuddly, you might have to think again because they lack stature and often some of the dogs have arrogance attitude. Of course, they are cute and you can cuddle them but these dogs have meek personalities. …

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Have You Even Seen Cat Guiding A Blind Dog

blind dog

The normal bond between the cats and dogs is of hate but Terfel and Pwditat have become friends the moment cat started as a guide for a blind dog. The dog was restricted to its basket after being diagnosed with cataracts. The cataract is a kind of opacity in the …

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This Dog Can Sing To Music


Have you heard the singing of dog ever? If you have not heard about this then don’t worry because it is not in dogs behavior. You might have seen a dog fetching, running around, cuddling but dogs are not really famous for singing capabilities. Although some people consider the voices …

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Teenager Saved the Life of Dog

saved by teenagers

In Texas, 5 teenagers rescue a sick stray dog that they found outside the school. The boys named Joseph Rangel, Roland Bazan, , Brandon Noriega, Luis Villanueva  and Ivan Zarate found the dog near death and wandering around a track near the classroom. Teenagers felt so bad for the dog …

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Dog Says Hi to Other Bikers While on Drive


The dog sure knows how to stay cool on the road. The white English Bulldog rides around the streets on a motorcycle. A passing biker waved at the dog and its human companion but the dog did something unexpected at that time. The dog responded to the stranger and also waved. …

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