The Dog is Trying to Find the Little Kid

Little-Girl-plays-hide and seek

Dogs are our best friends but one of the most interesting things about the dogs is how nice they’re with children. It is like they always know how to behave with the kids. They play around to react to actions and the kids are not afraid of the dogs. In …

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Woman Does a Thing to Cherish Dog Forever

puppy love

  Something’s leave their marks forever. This is a story of girl who wanted to spend the last moments with her dog. Maria Sharp got this dog named Chubby when she was 7 (and now 23). Unfortunately, Chubby had this health problem and there was no improvement for a couple …

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Dog Does Not Like Weather Forecasts

dog wants to play

This Dog has a desire to play and doesn’t care about weather forecasts. Ripple (part Mastiff ) lives in Edmonton Humane Society. The dog was supposed to help the weather man in reporting the weather forecasts. But the dog is not interested. Watch the video to know more about Further details …

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Do You Know If Your Dog Likes To Swing

dog take swing

Have you ever given your dog the swing? If you haven’t then you might not have an idea if the dog enjoys it or not. Personally, I have no experience because there are no dog parks and parks.Children parks are also limited in number. So it can be concluded that …

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Dogs Are Really Important

taking care

Dogs are really important in our lives we love the dogs & in return, they love us very much. Dogs are favorite pets of most of the people. They like to protect us and our houses from strangers. They also like to play and have fun with their owners. But somethings cannot …

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How a Puppy Changed a Man’s Life

changing lives

The man had no thought of how a puppy would change his life. David Hartwig had a normal life and was working with the horses, and he had no clue how his life is going to be turned for no visible reason. The decision he is going to make would …

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Dogs Do Have Dreams Read this Story to Understand

puppy and dog

The puppy realized that the older friend is having a bad dream so what he did next was amazing. Some people say that there is nothing better than walking with a good friend and there is nothing more rewarding on earth than real friendship. The video that’s been posted gone …

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The Transformation Story of a Dog

on the street dogs

What can a dog do in difficult situation and could not help himself? Today we have a rescue dog story for you, it shows that dogs are lovely pets all they need is care from us. The story is about the stray dog, The dog was surrounded by the ignorance …

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Why Should You Have a Dog


Why there is a need for anyone to get a dog. What are the things that make these furry friends so adorable. It might be that they communicate with the people in a special way that touches our hearts and lives. The video is about the dogs and how dogs …

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This All Started From a Meatball

in the jungle

Dogs are very famous for their amazing attention and provide excellent teamwork. A Swedish compelling hustling group realized that at the moment of meeting Arthur. The dog became a big sensation. The competitors were in a 430 miles race.The group was camping at a place during a race when a …

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